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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Great victory takes Italy to the Final

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With two great goals scored by Fabio Grosso and Del Piero, Italy earned the glory of playing the Final game. They defeated host Germany in an excellent 2-0 game. The Italians will play with the winner of Portugal-France.

The was was more like a war since the very first minute. Italians and Germans performed a very tough battle in Dortmund.

The victory was fair with the football they showed, between two heartful teams that wanted to win at their own style. Ballack and Klose later Odonkor were trying to show the path to victory.

However, the game was very equilibrated. Everybody in the stadium and in front of the televisions were preparing for the penalty shootouts. The physical effort was too big and the Germans could barely walk.

And that was the mortal minute - the very last minute - when the italian team scored their goals. Two goals in the last 30 seconds of action, and the host country will cry forever. Grosso and Del Piero made it possible.


Blogger Sine Metu said...

Klinsmann, who aspired to pair the great Franz Beckenbauer by obtaining championships as player and coach, had a reality check.
His championship as a player was due to an inexistant penalty kick and all the refferees' help that hsi team received to reach the semis was not enough to earn a ticket to Berlin.

3:43 PM  

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