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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Australian soccer sad after Brazilian victory

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Brazil found a very hard team in Australia. Despite the 2-0 of the "verdeamarelha", the "Socceroos" made a really good game and deserved better luck.

Ronaldinho and Kaka were not as brilliant as in the first game. But the Brazilian team sides with Cafu and Ze Roberto worked very hard to help Brazil overcome the Australian enthusiasm.

Dutch coach Guus Hiddink had insisted before his side took on Brazil that while the result was important, the performance, with the eyes of the world on them, was equally so.

Even though it may be comfort of the coldest kind, he, and the nation, can take solace from the thought that the Socceroos might have been beaten by the Cup favourite in a fast and fierce contest today, but they were rarely bloodied and certainly never bowed in a match that, had the football gods smiled up on them, would have ended in a draw.

We have to say that in a thrilling second half Australia, playing in an unfamiliar navy, launched waves of attacks on the Brazilian goal after falling behind just after the restart to a goal by Adriano.

Where other squads might have retreated into their shell, Australia merely redoubled its efforts, and created a number of great chances which, on other days, would have levelled the score.

That's why it was the cruellest twist of fate that the South Americans, breaking swiftly after an Australian attack, were able to kill the result with a second goal they hardly deserved in the very last minute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ronaldinho is an amazing player the best actully i just think these first 2 games in the world cup he has not played his best. just seems like he's an average player but he is really not. hopefully he plays better in tomorrow's match... step up ur game genious!

12:25 PM  

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