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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rooney is almost out of the World Cup

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Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Wayne Rooney has two fractures in his right foot, even though he says the second break is a cause for concern.

In fact, Rooney's chances of making this summer's World Cup look precarious after suffering the injury last weekend. However, Sir Alex is keen to avoid panic after revealing the second fracture.

"The break he's got in the fourth metatarsal is a small fracture," he admitted. "The one above it is nothing to worry about at all, it doesn't affect the recovery. It's just a little hairline fracture.

"You can't put a deadline on it until we see the scan result. He'll go back for one in a few weeks and if it's healed then we've got the progress we want. But if it hasn't, we've just have to carry on with the treatment. There's nothing you can do about it.

The Gaffer also revealed Wayne will be taking an unorthodox approach to quicken his recovery.

"An oxygen chamber is arriving this afternoon," he said. "Hopefully that treatment will help.

"I know there's no conclusive evidence that it does help the recovery, but there's no evidence against it either and it won't do any harm. Everything is worth a try at this stage.

"We really need to wait and see how it develops and improves when he does the next scans but you can be sure we'll do our best to get him there."

We must say that Sir Alex was also keen to reiterate that the club will not allow Rooney's future career to be jeopardised and if he is not fit, he will not take part of the Cup in Germany.

"We won't do anything to jeopardise him - period," declared the coach. "We hope he can play but if not we'll make sure he's fully recovered before the start of next season."


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