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Monday, January 30, 2006

World Cup Germany 2006 organisers to face stadium critics

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In a public statement, World Cup organisers have agreed to meet a consumer rights organisation after it criticised safety at four stadiums.

As we know, this meeting with officials of the Stiftung Warentest group is expected to take place in Berlin within the next few days.

Franz Beckenbauer, president of the organising committee, has constantly dismissed the criticism as ridiculous and labelled that group as self-important.

The group said there will be problems in some stadia if fire or panic broke out, adding there could be other deficiencies although all 12 venues are new or modernised.

We must remember that organisers have said all stadia passed safety tests that are more stringent in Germany than many other countries.

Experts assure that stadium operators and organising committee officials met in Frankfurt on Monday to discuss the criticism but decided there was no case for undertaking any building improvements. In any case, the tournament starts on June 9.


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